Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crazy adventures!

Well, it was a crazy weekend ... just not in the way I had anticipated.

It all began Friday, with a freak storm that started dropping snow on the Little Town like it was lake effect or something.

My bestest friends were supposed to drive in for a weekend visit from Buffalo and from Virginia. But none of us worried about the snow. We're from Buffalo. We've lived through many blizzards (yes, real live blizzards, not just bad snow storms that people around here think are blizzards). How bad could the 5-6 hour drive from each direction be?

Well ... pretty bad.

When the phone rang and it was Gorgeous, I just assumed he and Anna had stopped for lunch and were calling to say they were half way to my place. Well, they were half way to my place, and that is where they remained.

In a ditch.

The ice and snow caused them to slide off the road, into a mile-marker sign, and down an embankment. Thank goodness for side airbags or Anna wouldn't have walked away with only a few scratches.

Her car wasn't so lucky. Being undriveable, the two of them and the car had to spend the night in the middle of nowhere New York (in the very last hotel room in town). But, it seems as though the insurance will cover everything and -- as Anna and George keep saying -- it's only a car and thank goodness no one was hurt!

After this craziness, I called BF-Kimmy and Billy to see how the trip from down south was going. It was slow going, but they hadn't hot much snow and they were only 40 miles from DC. They decided to keep going and try to make it to the Little Town.

About 2 hours later, I spoke with them again and they had gone about 40 miles. At that rate, they'd have shown up at my house by 3am! So, they decided to pull over and get a room near Baltimore!

After a sleepless night (and another migraine) and many early morning phone calls, it seemed best that everyone just try to make it safely back home. And we'd have to plan our weekend of fun for sometime in the near future!

That left Ry and I with a day to ourselves and a whole lot of alcohol. Since I was totally bummed that my friends couldn't make it and I felt responsible that they had been in an accident and/or had to spend the night in a creepy hotel, Ry did his best (because he is the best boyfriend ever) to cheer me up and distract me!

We spent a long time shoveling out the car, caring for friends' cats across town, and grabbing some very late lunch (which you see half of on Ry's face here).

We also stopped at a few stores (I now have ALL 6 seasons of Dawson's Creek!!!!!! and Ry picked up some baseball collectables for himself and my dad) and came home to play some video games. Ryan helped make our favorite dinner and we went to be early!

Luckily, today we were up early to shower, because the pipes broke in my building and I now have absolutely no water in my apartment!! And, it turns out, I will be water-less for another day or so ....

All-in-all, a crazy weekend!

I'm just glad everyone was OK after their adventures!


DancingFish said...

Holy cow! Could things get any crazier over there? I am glad Anna and George are ok and that everyone remained safe!
Stinks about your pipes though! At least you live close to the gym and can shower there!

SLM said...

I am so glad to hear that Anna and Georga are ok. I am sorry your weeeknd of fun and friends did nto work out. I know how much you must have been looking forward to it. But you are lucky to have such a sweet BF who cheered you up!:)