Thursday, March 29, 2007

20 goals for 2007 quarterly report

At the beginning of 2007, I posted some goals (not because I think you really care about my goals in life, but because I need to be held accountable, darn it!). Here's an update on how I am doing! Hope you're working on any goals you set for yourself this year!

Be a better:
1. Exercise 3-4 times a week & eat better
Well, I try to do 20 min of pilates everyday, I bought an exercise ball, try to get to the gym a few times a week, started to walk at lunch time with the secrataries 3-4 times a week, and I started ballet class again (which kicked my ass). I should give up the beer and french fry portions of my diet though ...
2. Save 10% of my income
Hmm .. I do have a bit in savings, so that's good. But that eBay gets me everytime ...
3. Clean the apartment every Sunday
Working on that
4. Take a photo everyday (see The Oddity Effect: Project 365)
Should update more often
5. Read a few non-science books
I was invited to a book club by Dr. D's awesome wife. But I have yet to enjoy any of the books!! I am a science nerd!

PhD Student
6. Pass the Qs
Done! Passed! Happiness!
7. Be an awesome Animal Behavior Lab TA
Well ... just a few more lab reports to correct .... I hope I was a good TA!
8. Send out 5 manuscripts for publication
1 down, 4 to go
9. Write & Defend my dissertation proposal (by the summer)
Still got time ....
10. Work Harder!

11. Tell Ry I love him everyday (because I do!)
12. Be as kind to Ry's family as he is to me
Easter holidays are coming ...
13. Encourage Ry to work hard and finish up his dissertation soon (despite wanting him to stay in the Little Town with me)
Trying my best

Friend & Family Member
14. Call back everyone promptly
Well, I must say I am failing at this one! Darn!
15. Visit my family in Buffalo at least 4 times
Only one trip planned so far (End of May)
16. Visit BF Kimmy & BF-in-law in VA
Maybe early August?
17. Send letters & cards to my friends that are far away
More cards are needed!
18. Take Vacation with Ry & friends
Maybe early August? (Have fun on the cruise that we can't go on, friends!!!)
19. Visit The Southern Yankee and Baby Katherine
Well, baby Katie is only 4 days old, so we are thinking a summer visit is in order!!
20. Knit more -- especially gifts!
I got a few gifts out to Baby Katie and Southern Yankee, but I have lots more to work on!

So, 3 months in to the year, and I guess I am doing OK with my goals! Better than other years when my ONLY New Year's Resolution was to stop gossiping and then BF-Kimmy and I would chat on New Year's Day about the previous night's festivities and that resolution would be shot ...

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