Monday, December 18, 2006

The semester is over! Time for Christmas!


My semester is officially over!

I handed in my faux grant proposal this afternoon (after staying up until 3am finishing!)!
And, yes, I used the word ubiquitous. And, yes, I shamelessly cited one of my own stupid little papers.

Now, I will be totally focused on studying for the Qs! 16 days ....

Here's a picture of the beautiful christmas tree that Ry & I put up a few weeks ago!

It's a very full douglas fir and smells amazing.

It just makes me happy about christmas, despite not being able to travel home this year to spend the holidays with my family.

Here's the tree in the light, with all of the wonderful presents my family sent us home with at Thanksgiving! The silver garland was hung by Ry and the ornaments are some green glitter balls we bought together and all of my favorite ornaments from throughout the years!

I convinced Ry that white lights were the way to go and I purchased some of the LED lights this year (despite owning about 5,000 regular white lights -- I am my father's daughter). They save energy and are SUPER WHITE! They're beautiful. The blue LED lights are also gorgeous and I might invest in some during the after holiday sales next week!!

Hope you're all getting into the Christmas spirit too!

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