Thursday, November 09, 2006

Work it girl!

Officially 8 weeks until The Qs.

8 weeks.

ONLY 8 weeks.

In addition to the Q exam, I also have a presentation on the star-nosed mole, a big paper/research proposal on GnRH neurons, grading of my students' lab reports, teaching a few more genetics labs, and a final in Sensory Neurobiology. Sigh.

And one week of those 8 is going to be spent with my family back home! I am so so so excited to go home for Thanksgiving and see my family and take Ry around the city in the fall/winter. But I am starting to get anxious about the inevitable Qs!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me during these next 8 weeks!
Or maybe just once a day for 8 weeks, not the whole time. It would be difficult to do many things with your fingers crossed, like start your car, type, zip your pants ....

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