Sunday, November 12, 2006

In the fridge

Before meeting the girls for a stitch'n'bitch, I went into my office to get some work done (which was pretty successful, thank you very much). But, as it was afternoon and I had yet to have a caffeinated beverage, I opened the office mini-fridge in hopes of a stray diet coke.

I was not lucky enough to find a diet coke, but we did have:

  • a small can of V-8
  • an ice cube tray
  • a can of whipped cream
  • a NuvaRing
Only the whipped cream was mine. And seeing as though it has no caffeine, I was not interested.

I am happy to report that the stitch'n'bitch was both fun and productive! One of these days I will have to get some photos posted to show you what I have been working on!

Now, back to work ... sans caffeine ...

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hamster_grrl said...


We have an ice cube tray in there?