Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween Recap!

Halloween is always a fun event, and I thought I might share a few pictures from last weekend to express just how much fun was had!

Ry's advisor threw a "come as you AREN'T" party last Saturday evening. The photos almost speak for themselves ....

Ry & I were bad-ass bikers. Complete with tatoos, leather, and (yes) Ry's "chopper"


Ry's advisor as "a republican voter". (Yes, I said Ry's ADVISOR)


Hamster_grl as a "girly girl".
Check out her blog to find out what happens when a girly girl tries to steal my biker boyfriend!


Dancing Fish & V as communists.


I think Double D was supposed to be something like an investment banker. Or maybe he was just supposed to be well dressed and smelling good.

Regardless of costume intent, at this point, Dr. D is just drunk.


Franklin was wearing a T-shirt that read "I'm not interested in what you are eating" and had pictures of him with a cat and squirrel that said "Best Friends Forever".


Maybe I should dress this the next time I am back in my home town for 4th of July ...

I would also need a baby ....

(no, Mom, the cigarette isn't real)


BJ & his soon-to-be-wifey, about to hunt up some grub

Ry's advisor dancing the night away with 2%, the neuron fairy ...


Ry and I at another halloween party ... dressed as we "are" ...

Him as Goldielocks, and me as "just right" for him!

Yes, we're that cheesey!

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hamster_grrl said...

The funniest thing about the first picture of you guys as the biker couple is that you have the wrong end of the fake cigarette in your mouth. It makes me smile.

I wish I knew why I kept sticking my butt out in every picture from that night.