Saturday, November 18, 2006

Da Vinci Code & A birthday bash!

Last night Ry and I rented DaVinci Code. I have been whining about it since before it came out. It happened to be in theaters while Dancing Fish and I were down in Texas, and because the closest movie theater was 80 miles away from where we satyed, we did not make it to see it. Then, when I got back to the Little Town, Ry wanted to take me to see X-men 3 (which was OK, but NOT DaVinci Code!).

The movie was good, but it just confirms my theory that the book is always better than the movie!! Seriously. I read the book 3 years ago now, and I still remember it being amazing. Best book ever! The movie was bound to disappoint, even with Tom Hanks!

But good news -- the DVD told us that Angels & Demons is currently filming! YAY! Loved that book too!

OK, I am off now because it's Double D's 33rd birthday today! We're heading down south soon to celebrate in style with football on direct TV and grilled meats! DD's a super great guy (post doc in Ry's lab), so we made him a spectacular birthday T-shirt. It was Ry's idea, but I have the experience (and the supplies for) making iron-on T-shirts, so it was a joint effort. I will take some pictures today so you can also enjoy our crafty-ness! And everyone's drunkenness!

Have a happy Saturday!

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