Monday, September 04, 2006

Another reason I don't have cable ...

It's almost too embarassing to admit, but I secretly hope that others share my problem.

I like bad TV dramas, especially in reruns.

Beverly Hills 90210, Felicity, Sex & the City, Gilmore Girls, old Law & Orders, anything on abcfamily. And don't get me started on Dawson's Creek.

This evening, I was hanging out where I'm currently cat sitting, playing with the kitties and doing laundry. Instead of reading "The Developing Brain" as I should be, I watched Beverly Hills 90210.

For 2 hours.

And I still remembered the episodes from when I originally watched them 13 years ago.

Dylan and Brenda finally slept together, while she and Kelly wore the same dress at the homecoming dance. And after the West Beverly senior class of 1993 walked out of their final exams, Donna was allowed to graduate, despite that nasty drunken incident at prom.

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