Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Take me out to the ball game!

Along with all of our other summer fun, Ry & I took in a bit of his favorite sport -- baseball! I have never been to a major league baseball game (The Buffalo Bisons are only a minor league team!)! So, I was very excited when Ry was given free tickets to the Phillies game! We drove down to root on which ever team (Phillies or Braves) was further away from the Mets lead! Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy!

After two hours of rain delay, they decided they couldn't take the tarp off the field, and we left our soggy seats and headed home!

But don't fret! Just two days later, Ry & I had tickets with DancingFish & V for the Mets vs. Cubs game at Shea Stadium! After a many hour drive through NYC, we happily arrived to some great seats! And I was enjoying my very first MLB game (which Ry was very happy was a Mets game)!

Don't tell my Dad (the greatest Yankees fan of all time), but I even wore Ry's Mets jersey! Hey -- I can root for the Mets ... as long as they aren't playing the Yankees!!

Fun times had by all -- but more fun had by V & Fish because the Cubs beat the 1st place Mets!

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