Saturday, July 22, 2006

Buffalo Visit 2006, Part 1

Here it is -- the first of stories from our Buffalo adventure!

Ry & I rolled into Buffalo late in the evening, and drove through the 'hood. His nervous butterflies vanished the minute we walked in to my parents' house! Within minutes, he was welcomed in to the family and we were all off to DUFF'S for the best wings in the world!

At DUFF'S, there was a lot of chatting, laughing, Canadian beer-drinking and wing-eating with Mom, Dad, Little Bro and his long-time, live-in girlfriend, K. Ry fit right in -- except that he ate BBQ wings instead of the spicy hot ones! Though I did get him to eat one really hot wing!

Thursday morning we were up early and on our way to Niagara Falls for Ry's first trip to one of the world's "seven forgotten wonders"! Dad, Mom, & K joined us for a trip on the Maid of the Mist, this super-cool boat ride that took us right by the American Falls and into the basin of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Everyone had the best time and Ry took literally about 100 photos! We were soaked (because we refused to put on the dorky blue ponchos they provided), but it felt great on the hot day!

We enjoyed the rest of the day exploring every angle of the Falls. There are lots of little parks and overlooks and trails in the area and the Sneks family had to try to keep up with Ry's excitement! We even took Ry over the Rainbow Bridge for his very first visit into Canada!

The family had to head back around dinner time, but Ry and I headed to the BEST hotel I have ever stay in! The Embassy Suites in Niagara Falls, Canada were amazing!! Below are a few pictures of our view! It was so amazing to see the falls from up there. The first hour in our room, we just sat and looked out our window! And the room itself was amazing! A king-sized comfy bed and a whirl-pool jacuzzi that had windows that opened to the room so that you could see the falls while sitting in the tub! Plus there was an awesome shower, fridge, 2 TVs, a seperate sitting room with pull-out sofa and free breakfast buffet with a sitting area that overlooked the falls too! Ry and I give our "splurge" 4-stars! If you are ever in the falls, be sure to stay there!

We spent the evening with Anna & Gorgeous on Clifton Hill, enjoying being "tourists" and just having lots of fun!

Overall, I think Ry & I really enjoyed our day in Niagara Falls and his first trip to Canada!

More stories to come!

(I can't post more photos at the moment, but I will soon)


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