Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Since you've been gone ..."

A quick note to all of my favorite friends out there!

Our road trip to western Texas is underway! We arrive at "The Ranch" to stay in "The Chalet" tomorrow!

Thus far, we've gone almost 2,ooo miles. And we've been in the car for a little more than 30 hours! Luckily, Ry made us some great CDs to sing a long to! And we have enough diet coke and cheese to get us through!

We're in Austin, TX today and are about to go out and enjoy the 93 degree weather! Tomorrow when we arrive in Study Butte, it's forecasted to be 101 degrees. But -- we're staying hyrdated! :)

Not enough time to tell you all about our great visit to Chicago and Kansas and Austin thus far, and I probably won't get good internet service for the next few weeks -- but I promise to tell the tales when I can!

Miss you all!

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