Monday, April 17, 2006

Delaware -- Home of Tax Free Shopping & Pupfish!

On the most beautiful Saturday, I joined DancingFish on her trip to catch Pupfish for her research. I could not resist a day in the sun with the fish.

Our first surprise was coming across the giant military plane that crashed by Dover Air Force Base a few weeks ago. It was huge and about a mile from the collecting site.

Our second surprise occured when we showed up at the Ted Harvey Wildlife Area near Kitts Hummock -- the roads were all blocked off!!!

So, instead of driving up to the spot where the pupfish have sex, we had to walk. A mile. With our gear. In the sun. Then a mile back. With the gear. And a cooler full of fish and water. A heavy cooler.

But we got a few dozen fish, a tan, and, of course, a few laughs. If only I was able to post videos on my blog. In the picture below, DancingFish is running down to the shore to scoop the fish up. Picture it moving. Way more funnier!!!

The day finished up with some Coldstone Creamery ice cream. My favorite!

And then I traveled down to Philly for a super fun time with the SJU crew at Steph & Tim's engagement party!

A wonderful Saturday!

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SLM said...

Hey can you send me the email address you use, I tried to send you somehting but it was sent back by both addresses? Sorry to wrtie on your blog, but I was not sure how else to each you. Thanks!