Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend of Fun!

So this past weekend was filled with fun, mainly because I felt no pressure to actually have any work done by Monday, as it is "Spring Break".

On Friday, I happily left school at 4pm to partake in some drinking at the "pseudo-beer-thirty" at
South Side Steel, led by Ry's advisor. We successfully took over the entire bar. Then many of us TAs were off to Dr. Dave's house to celebrate the end of his reign over BioS120 (which I happily TA each week). We celebrated for quite a while with good food, good drinks and good songs by the Matt.

The highlight of Saturday's fun was a big Mardi Gras celebration at Matt & Emily's house. The pictures speak for themselves!

After a wonderfully late Saturday night, I slept in on Sunday, did a little lab work, and took a drive down to meet Missy at Plymouth Meeting. We had some dinner, drinks, and discussion on research, friends, family, and "theology". The picture of her below was not taken this weekend, but it seemed fitting as per our conversation! Thanks for the fun Missy!!!!!!!

As for the week so far ... not exactly a "break". But I am looking forward to getting lots of work done and to an exciting weekend of fun with visiting friends!

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