Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The distance between friends is never too far!

What can I say about this weekend? Except that it was super fun!

It was so nice to see my "from home" friends! BF-Kimmy and the BF-in-law (Billy) drove up from Virginia and Anna & George came down from Buffalo to spend an exciting weekend in Bethlehem! There's not too much to do in this little town -- but that's OK, because we have fun just being together!

When they first arrived in town, I introduced them to my "new" friends while distracting them with too much Pizza Hut pizza (BTW -- avoid the new Cheesy Bites pizza -- ick!!) and Bison chip dip (a Buffalo delicacy brought by Anna). Everyone seemed to get along and, after a few Blue Lights (thanks George!), we went out for a little bowling fun! Though the boys team (George, Billy, Ry, and V) beat the girls (Dancingfish, Anna, Kimmy, and me), we still had a plethora of fun! Below is a shot of Kimmy and me celebrating a strike!

We stayed up way too late after everyone else went home, but we woke up hangover-free and enjoyed a nice relaxing Saturday. I gave them the tour of the town (which took about 10 minutes) and we went to Starters to eat too much food and watch the Sabres game!

We had an exciting game night which included a 4-hour Monopoly tournament. Despite George's ingenius take over of all railroads and utilities and and amazing rent-control deal, BF-in-law's early real estate investments paid off. The Sneks-Wynne team came in a close second. The biggest upset of the evening was the first-EVER win by the boys team in Taboo. Personally, I think the teams were a bit out of balance. The boys were stacked -- George & Billy have known each other for decades and Ry & Luke spent way too much time in the lab together. The girls had a slight handicap with a completely new addition who knew none of us (I couldn't even get her name right!!!). But, when it was just the "home friends", Ry & I, the girls prevailed, so I was able to get some sleep that night! Perhaps the most fun was the six of us just sitting around, talking and being silly! I am super happy that the freinds and Ry all get along and seem to actually like each other!!! :)

Sunday was a sad day because everyone had to leave. We sat around taking about life, had lunch and then everyone was on the road!

Kimmy said it best -- when everyone leaves after a nice weekend, there is just this emptiness. Mostly because my one-bedroom apartment is no longer sleeping 5 people! It's almost bittersweet to have these weekends of fun, because I love seeing my friends, but it also makes me miss having them around all of the time! I really do have the greatest friends!

When's the next visit guys??? Definitely a trip in June!!

As for this week, Spring Break is over and I am back to work, work, work. I'll be making a quick trip home this weekend though! Looking forward to seeing the family (especially my nephew!)!!

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