Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's test week

And I am amazed by the students.  The audacity, the excuses, the poorly written emails.

Also amazed that one of my classes did really, really well.  And the others weren't totally horrible.

I am sure next week will be full of tears from students and emails from "higher-ups" about me being so mean.

Oh well.


Lake Challa Sanctuary. said...

Never lose hope cause everything do happen and occur in phases.
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Ordalyn said...

Stay on top of your job you know what you were hired for some students catch on as time goes by and some get it from the start. They will appreciate the way you
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Budd said...

do they text talk on their tests?

ubuntu said...

you are a dedicated teacher.

Ordalyn said...

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Travel maniac said...

it happens man... i was myself a biology student two years back and i used to curse my teacher for being so strict and he used to get angry on us for not doing the work properly. but now i have realized he was doing all the work for us so that we would score good and become good doctors.

by the way i didnt make it to medicals but now i am doing engineering in india.
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